Friday Favorites: What We're Reading - August 14

While this summer seemed long, now that its over for me it seems like it just began. I’ll be leaving my new family up here in the District to return to my Hill Country homeland and finish out my college career. Here's what I'll be reading as I wait for my boarding call in the airport this weekend:

New morning motivation: if this 85-year-old woman can scale Mt. Kiimanjaro then you can get out of bed.

We’ve been celebrating DC Beer Week over the last few days, but there are festivities happening all over the country! See which Beer Week is nearest you and plan your next beercation.

Good news as Project: Time Off heads on the road next week: gas prices are continuing to drop.

Bring your next vacation to you, Oculus Rift style!

So it hasn’t been too long since I crossed the brick archway into Diagon Alley, but I totally need to go back after reading about these HP secret spots in the park.

Get the best sleep you’ve ever had at home by adopting these vacationing five-star slumber secrets.

August 14, 2015