Friday Favorites: What We're Reading - August 21


This week our team is burning rubber in the Pacific Northwest on a five day road trip. Stay up to speed on the journey by following #TakeADay on Twitter and Instagram. And for the really juicy stuff, here's our favorite content from across the web this week.

Precious cargo coming through. This suitcase cam shows the common journey of checked luggage from drop off to baggage claim.

Take a day you will. Ever wonder what Luke does when he's not defending his galaxy? See how Star Wars characters vacation in a galaxy far, far away.

The key to truly feeling human again? A break from technology.

Remember the days of mom's Sony camcorder and home videos? The New York Times "This Life" columist thinks putting down the camera will help us soak up more of vacation's memorable moments.

World Photography Day was on Wednesday. It's taken a while to contain the jealousy over these jaw-dropping locations.

Map your next roadtrip based on the best roadside attractions. They almost guarantee 100+ likes.

Kids across the country are headed back to school. What grade did you receive on summer vacation?

Logging the extra hours in the office isn't good for you. Not only is it not helping you get ahead, new research shows that working long hours increases stroke risk. Time to take a day.

Happy Birthday to our National Parks! Join the celebration by checking off one of the 99 ways to find adventure in a park near you.

We hope you slow down and find your balance this weekend.

August 21, 2015