Friday Favorites: What We're Reading - August 28

What a week for Project: Time Off! We kicked-off the National Park Service centennial celebration by visiting Olympic National Park as part of our #TakeADay road trip and can't wait to explore more of what America has to offer. Kick off your weekend with the full rundown of the PNW excursion. 


Have you ever experienced a backcountry camping weekend with gourmet food? These hidden gems make sleeping on the ground sound a bit more luxurious.

Travel + Leisure has combined travel tales that have been told, and retold into one hilarious list

Netflix thinks it's winning, Forbes says no way. And so the debate continues...

Binging on coffee, checking email before bed, drinking a 10pm nightcap. TIME explains 14 reasons we are tired all the time.

Flashback Friday: It's been three decades since the Goonies battled for survival in Astoria, OR. Surprisingly this small coastal town is home to more classic films than you might think. 

Model couples: Those who travel together, stay together.

Nobody ever wishes they spent more time at the office. Because when all is said and done, it's memories that last. There's nothing more valuable than advice from those who have lived through it all. 

Single Track. Drop post. 29er. SUP. Skeg. National Geographic briefs us on the proper lingo for trendy adventure sports. 

There's really no point to an out-of-office email reply if you do in fact plan to check your mail. Master the art and leave a message with meaning. You will then leave for vacation feeling like this...

Out of Office

August 28, 2015