Friday Favorites: What We're Reading - December 18

If you’re doing any last minute shopping this weekend, consider these gifts for the traveler in your life. The top picks for the economy, business class, and first class travelers are sure to make any trip smooth sailing. Better yet, give your traveler an experience. Give the guy in your life what he wants; says vacation is the number one gift for men this year.

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What if you were required to take an unplugged vacation? FullContact's CEO requires each employee to take three weeks, completely unplugged! FullContact is not alone. The workplace is starting to catch up with what we knew about vacation all along and it's for a reason, recent findings show that overwork causes increased business liability, health issues, and a decline in productivity.

Holiday indulgences catching up with you? Get active with a cold-weather vacation and Shape’s 7 Reasons To Take A Real Winter Vacation.

Breaking with their name, Cards Against Humanity is using their "Eight Sensible Gifts for Hannukah" paid to close down their China-based printer for a week to allow workers to go on vacation

As you get ready to close up shop for the year, use Fast Company's 5 Things To Do Not To Have No Emails After The holiday Break. Use Westin’s out of office generator to step up your away message game like it's 2002.

December 18, 2015