Friday Favorites: What We're Reading - January 29

Kick Americans' fear of using time off by over-preparing at the office. Career consultant, Alexandra Levit says “The worst thing you can do is leave without any preparation.” So take Glamour’s preparation guide to heart.

When it comes to planning time off, speaking from experience, FOMO is a top obstacle for millennials. You don't have to be a planner to use all your time off; how to go with the flow and feel good doing so.

If you do your fair share of travel, this state-by-photos quiz will make you smile. For those of us who take the quiz and realize we need to get out more often… consider taking Monday off to explore a new territory.

Last but not least, although you don’t have to venture to Africa for a romantic vacation, this video is living proof that more time spent with loved ones can deepen relationships. #LifeGoals

January 29, 2016