Friday Favorites: What We're Reading - November 6

One third of senior business leaders hardly ever discuss with their employees the benefits of taking time off. Nexflix CEO Reed Hastings isn't one of them. At the New York Times DealBook Conference, Reed boasted that he takes six weeks of vacation as part of Netflix's unlimited policy. On the topic, Reed shared "I take a lot of vacation, and I’m open about it internally. Just as you would expect, you often do your best thinking [when] you’re off hiking on some mountain or something and you get a different perspective…or you’re reading something that’s not connected to work."  Music to our time off-loving ears. Seems like Reed is someone who really gets the idea of "Nextflix and chill."

Fifteen years ago, a day without technology had a name: Saturday. Today, just 30 minutes without connectivity can feel like a minor tragedy. The #OneDayOffline campaign highlights the long-term benefits of taking a digital break (hello health and happiness!). So on your next day off, try a digital detox and allow yourself to fully recharge.

Time off can bring rewards in many shapes and sizes, if we let it. For example: An opportunity to create memories, to relax, to learn, or to see the world. This week, time off gave this New York City son the chance to make his father really, really happy (cue the waterworks).

Need more convincing of the benefits of vacation? CityPASS has you covered.

Jennifer Lawrence admitted this week to being a work martyr. It's not helping her perform better. We took the opportunity to explain America's vacation problem using J.Law gifs

November 6, 2015