Friday Favorites: What We're Reading - October 2

What would you give to have $50,000 to spend on on a two-day vacation? Airing this Sunday, Samantha Brown and Chris Grundy are on the hunt for employees willing to accept their offer on the spot and leave work behind. Would you react like a work martyr or seize the opportunity?

It's football season! Though fantasy is alive everyday on our phones, nothing beats cheering (beer in hand) for your number one team in-person. Make an extended trip out of going to the big game, and take a day to prepare an epic tailgate. 

Yogis aren't the only ones who maintain mindfulness. These 4 friends vowed to completely unplug during their time together; find out what they discovered.

Finally, how can you experience drinks around the world without leaving the country? One word: Epcot.

Mom's are getting a little help from this Danish travel company to extend the family bloodline.

October 2, 2015