24 Ways To Spend Your Leap Day

The next time you're asked how long a year is, make sure you give the right answer: 365 days AND six hours. An extra 24 hours accumulates every four years requiring us to autocorrect the calendar with a leap day. This year, let's break free from our desks on February 29. After all, an overwhelming majority (85%) of workers believe they have the ability to take one more day of vacation. To celebrate the 24 extra hours, here are 24 ways to seize the Leap Day.

1. Find a place to volunteer in your community. Rub a puppy's belly at your local animal shelter, warm a soul at a soup kitchen, or discover your green thumb in a park. 

2. Leave your phone behind. Go wander. See what you can see.

3. Or conversely, stay under the covers. Skip the alarm and relax the day away in bed. 

4. Set a budget and see where it can take you with a last minute deal. The world is your oyster.

5. Dust off that library card or visit an independent bookstore and get lost in a new book. Might I recommend the Notorious RBG, When Breath Becomes Air, or All the Light We Cannot See.

6. Treat yo' self to a massage or manicure. Indulge a little, you've earned it.

7. Get a head start on spring cleaning by trying the KonMari method. Be ruthless with what stays, goes, and gets donated. Ask a friend to join to help keep you honest. #SparkJoy

8. Take the day to organize your digital life. Work towards the inbox zero, back up your phone or hard drive, or edit your photos and order prints.

9. Go on a brewery tour, enjoy a tasting flight, and learn how your favorite suds are made. 

10. Call your mom. And grandma. And great aunt. Just pick up the phone. You'll make their day.

11. Pretend you're Jackson Pollock or Georgia O'Keefe with a sip and paint class.  

12. You might be surprised how close you are to a National Park. Use the handy Find Your Park tool to plan a visit or experience it on the big, big screen with National Parks Adventure in IMAX.

13. Listen to your favorite albums from beginning to end. Dance parties encouraged.

14. Try out a recipe you've been holding on to and invite friends over to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

15. Hit the mall like your Cher Horowitz. Are Leap Day sales a thing?

16. Netflix and Chill with the release of Fuller House or get ahead of the trend with Love.

17. Convice your friends to make it a throwback day with a visit to the bowling alley, ice rink, or roller rink. 

18. Break a sweat or find your zen by trying out a new studio or class at the gym.

19. ROAD TRIP! Set a mile limit and see where it will get you.

20. Get in touch with your inner DIYer and actually create one of the hundreds of pins you've been hoarding since 2010. A Beautiful Mess offers plenty of ideas to keep you crafting all day.

21. Be a tourist in your own town. Gather friends and go to places you've never been. Settle on the best cup of coffee, cupcake, or happy hour where you live.

22. Research your family tree and ancestory. Maybe you're a long lost relative of the President or Beyonce.

23. Write (with a pen and paper) letters to spread a little happiness. Need inspiration?

24. Plan your vacation days for the rest of the year. Because what better way to spend a day off then making sure you know when your next one is.

February 23, 2016