7 Ways To Spend A Family Snow Day

It’s the two magical words that kids live for during the long, winter months: snow day!

While snow days can wreak havoc on schedules, with eight in ten children (79%) experiencing some degree of stress in their daily lives, snow days provide the unplanned downtime kids need. 

Whether it's snow in the forecast or a planned school closure, use one of your vacation days to spend with your kids. The uninterrupted family time is something kids want. An overwhelming 82% of kids want their parents deeply involved in their lives, and 77% of kids feel no stress when their parents take time off to spend time with them.

Here's how to make the most of your day together.

  1. Make your own blizzard inside with paper snowflakes. Add some glitter if you want to get fancy. Add them to a string and tape it to the window to show off your handiwork.

  2. Bake a batch of yummy, warm cookies. You likely have all four ingredients for Ovenly's salted peanut butter cookies and they're easy enough for everyone to be involved.

  3. Take a trip down memory lane. Going through family photos or watching old home movies are great activities for adults and kids to do together. And there’s bound to be some groans and laughs along the way.

  4. Create some new family memories. With two binder clips, setup your phone on a tripod then see what happens when you hit record. You may have the next YouTube sensation on your hands. At the very least, something new to add to the family photo stream.

  5. Get crafty. Whether it's gluing, sewing, bedazzling or coloring (hey, even adults are getting in on the coloring craze), there are all sorts of crafty activities perfect for a snow day. Or, get a jump on those homemade Valentine's Day cards.  

  6. Become the ultimate puzzlemaster.  Discovery Education's Puzzlemaker is easy for kids and parents to use. Just input how big you want the word search to be, what words it should include and what format you want. Then print them out and let the competition begin.

  7. Clean your room. (Just kidding).

Everybody needs a day off, even kids. Taking the time off to spend the day with your kids will show them your fun side, allow you to reconnect with what's important to them, and make your relationships stronger. Not even Santa Claus can deliver those kinds of benefits. 

February 1, 2016