Entrepreneur: Why Leaders Should Rethink a Business Culture in Which Everyone is Always 'Busy'

An emphasis on being "busy" has trickled down from leadership to general staff, and it is not healthy. Today, all levels are displaying this behavior: Employees who rank lower and earn less are just as fixated as executives on staying busy, or at least appearing to be, Thuy and Milo Sindell explain: 

Employees usually respect leaders in their company and follow their behaviors and actions. If companies allow leaders to skip breaks and vacations, employees will do the same. In fact, these people will become work martyrs. They'll feel guilty for using their PTO and think that they need to show complete dedication to their company and job by refusing to step away. Unfortunately, this is a common mindset many employees strive for. A survey by Project: Time Off found in 2015 that 39 percent of employees surveyed said they wanted to be seen as a work martyr by their boss.