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Huffington Post: Don't Be A Career Loser- Take All your Vacation Time

Being a workaholic doesn't mean you are thriving in your career. In fact, those who don't take time off are more susceptible to burnout and fatigue, Caroline Dowd-Higgins explains: 

High performance and workaholism look the same on the outside. They both look like hard work. The difference is how the individual feels on the inside about who they are in relationship to their work. A high performer works hard in healthy sustainable ways and feels happy and inspired. A workaholic works hard in unhealthy unsustainable ways and feels unhappy and burnt out. 

Project: Time Off says: “After years of being asked to ‘do more with less’ workers are overstretched, stressed out, and exhausted. The always-on, 24/7 American work culture is taking a heavy toll, leading to 429 million wasted vacation days that undermine our personal, business, and economic well-being. Simply put, taking earned time off is essential for a productive workforce, strong bonds with family and friends, and a fulfilled life.”