MarketWatch Explains Why Your Busiest Co-Worker May Not Be the Most Productive

Some employees boast about busyness and have developed work martyr tendencies. Kari Paul explains how working long hours doesn't lead to productivity: 

The U.S. is one of the most overworked places in the world, and the only advanced nation that doesn’t require paid leave. In fact, less than half of Americans used all of their vacation days last year. They worked longer hours. Employees in Europe work 19% less than those in the U.S., averaging to an hour less per workday or 258 fewer hours a year.

But acting busy can make you look important, the study said, even when that is not the case. Or, to put it in academic parlance: “Long hours of work and busyness may operate as a signal that one possesses desirable human capital capabilities,” the study said.