USA Today Encourages Americans to Schedule Time Off Now

We all love to dream about vacation. But in observance of National Plan for Vacation Day, USA Today 10Best challenges us to do more than just contemplate vacation, but to actually plan for it this year:

Clicking through an endless stream of gorgeous travel images and videos can really shift your vacation desire into high gear, but truth be told, inspiration doesn't get you anywhere if you don't figure out your vacation schedule first.  Don't get us wrong; it's fun to dream! However, one of the greatest obstacles to going on that dream trip is your calendar.

According to Project:Time Off, over half of the American workforce has vacation time that goes unused, resulting in a whopping 658 million vacation days that are wasted per year.  That's literally free time, and as we all know, time is a precious commodity that we'll never get back, so we need to start using it.

Those who take the time to plan a vacation benefit greatly.  Research has indicated that productivity at work actually increases when employees return from time off.  And you'll feel happier, be more positive and notice an improvement in both physical and mental health.  Not to mention, a more satisfied person has better relationships.  Vacations are a gift that keeps on giving.