5 Stadiums a True Baseball Fan Should Visit During the Day

Not too long ago, a friend of mine took his three-year-old kid to her first baseball game. On a Thursday afternoon.

And I know he’ll remember that special summer experience with his daughter much more than the meetings he had to move to take the day off work.

Heck, I used a vacation day to go see the Orioles’ Opening Day with my 85 year-old dad. Best day I’ve had in quite some time.

Simply put: There is nothing like daytime baseball.

In my line of work, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the United States and catch a lot of day games. So I feel pretty qualified to share my list of the five best Major League Baseball stadiums for baseball under the sun.

5. Progressive Field (Cleveland)
The Indians got this one right. After decades of being the laughingstock of baseball (it was so bad, the movie Major League was based on their ineptitude!), they opened this gorgeous throwback stadium with 455 consecutive sell-outs.

Sure, the team was great during the 1990s, but the ballpark is special. Right in the heart of downtown, you can walk from the centerfield gate to bars and restaurants in minutes. And with a two-story bar overlooking the outfield, it’s a perfect place to hang out on a weekday afternoon.

4. AT&T Park (San Francisco)
If you like to watch the home team win, the Giants have won three of the past five World Series, so the on-field product is going to be good.

There aren’t any bad seats here, but there are some great ones. Try to snag a seat to look over the right field fence, into McCovey Cove and the San Francisco Bay. It is breathtaking during the day.

Hands-down, they have the best garlic fries on the planet.

Plus, I haven’t found a stadium yet with better WiFi, so if you HAVE to send a few emails during the game, you’re all set.

3. Fenway Park (Boston)
The oldest active stadium in baseball is a time-capsule of tradition and a block party of baseball. The Green Monster, “Sweet Caroline,” the list goes on.

Besides the history of the stadium, my favorite reason to go to a day game at Fenway is so I can go get some Boston seafood at night!

Fun Fact: Fenway Park is located a few blocks south of Interstate 90. If you go 1,100 miles west on I-90 you end up in Dyersville, Iowa, where they filmed “Field of Dreams,” the greatest baseball movie of all time.

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July 13, 2015