From Your Calendar, with Love

A note from your calendar...

So, it’s a new year. My pages are fresh. My corners are crisp. And you’ll never guess which zoo animal is featured for your birthday month (llama). I noticed we started 2017 with a few notes like “New Year, New You!” and “Carpe Diem!” But…it’s the end of January, and you’ve already blindly accepted meeting invites, conferences, and staff gatherings by the dozen. 

Oh man, that seminar you just added is in direct conflict with Aunt Gertrude’s 60th birthday bash (the one you promised mom you’d go to but never added to me). Good luck explaining that one. 

We have this honeymoon phase at the beginning of every year. We (okay, you) look ahead, dream, and imagine what could be. Then times goes by, and it’s the same excuse every time: “You’re too busy.”

This relationship is about what you put into it. But you are constantly blaming me for your problems. Like it’s my fault you never see your friends, adopt that puppy, or hike the Grand Canyon. And don’t even get me started on that summer all of your friends crisscrossed the country, Crossroads-style without you. You hovered over me, frowning at the dates, counting the boxes over and over again, but did you ever actually block that time off? We both know the answer to that question.

Would it kill you to surprise me with some colored pencils and a few stickers every now and then? 

Look, I know I can be a jealous, anthropomorphic pad of paper at times. But I’ve seen you writing down your dreams in that notebook on your bedside table. I just wish you’d let me help you live the life we both know you want. I know it’s scary because what you write on me comes true, and the time we spend together is real. But if you pick just one or two of those trips you want to take, or memories you want to make, together we can do this. You'll thank me later for committing to yourself today. And I'll finally get those stickers. 

Brightening your days this year starts with me, your calendar. Let's add some memories among those meetings.

Give your calendar some fun this year. Take time to plan for vacation.

January 31, 2017