How To Get The Most Out of Employee Appreciation Day

It’s Employee Appreciation Day!

We can all agree that free doughnuts, outdoor meetings, and sponsored happy hours make for a great day at the office. But an even better way to celebrate your employees is a day where they don’t have to be in the office at all (even by way of their smartphones). Take a moment today to encourage your team to use their vacation time.

Employees make up the very fabric of our workplaces, and one of the easiest (and most effective) ways to demonstrate employee appreciation is to show them you value them as people, not just producers. 

Even if you already understand that paid time off improves employees’ performance, seize this opportunity to reinforce a positive vacation culture. You might think that providing vacation time as a benefit is sufficient, but two-thirds (65%) of workers say they hear nothing, negative, or mixed messages about vacation from the boss. Give your employees the day off, give them an extra vacation day, just give them the acknowledgment they need to feel empowered to utilize their time off. 

Not only is vacation a powerful tool for capitalizing on your employee’s value, but it is also a sure-fire way to increase productivity, creativity, and retention. In fact, some of America’s most admired companies were born out of vacation experiences: Instagram, Starbucks, Dropbox, and even the musical Hamilton.

As TED executive producer June Cohen said, “What’s good for the team is good for business.”

Make sure your employees know their value and feel empowered to take all of their vacation days. Most importantly, don’t forget to lead by example by taking all of your time off.  

Happy Employee Appreciation Day, now get out of the office!

March 3, 2017